Six Reasons to hire a Professional Wedding DJ


Its not fun its work

To a professional Wedding DJ, this is not just a fun night where,  when something goes wrong he can just shrug it off.  His reputation is on the line.  A professional Wedding DJ must ensure everything runs smoothly on the night and everyone is happy.

Knowledge and Suggestions

A Professional Wedding DJ like DJ Stevie Dee has  years of experience at picking the right songs for the wedding guests he is playing for.  If you cannot decide on a wedding play list, there is no doubt your professional Wedding DJ will have excellent suggestions.  A professional wedding DJ has a huge selection of tunes to choose from at the drop of a hat.

Respond to the Wedding Guests

Although a wedding play list may have been agreed prior to the wedding party, sometimes the Wedding DJ needs to be trusted to respond to the crowd.  A professional  Wedding DJ won’t arrive to your venue with just your playlist, he will have an array of tunes for that unexpected request on the night

What type of crowd

You need to think about what type of crowd will be at your wedding, if it is a younger crowd they will want all the up to date music play, if it is an older crowd they may like to hear the older music, reminding them of happy memories, they may want Jives, waltz and foxtrot type tunes.  You are in control of the music that is played but it is important to be guided by your Wedding DJ.

Attitude and Attire

If you ask a friend to be your wedding DJ you may not be able to ask him to dress professionally , he may turn up in jeans and an ACDC T-shirt.  A professional Wedding DJ will dress be guaranteed to  appropriately.  He will treat your Wedding party with the professionalism it deserves, unlike the friend who may feel he is at the wedding too and entitle to drink at the bar for the nite also.

Technical Knowledge

It has been know for there to be technical difficulties at a wedding venue.  A professional Wedding DJ will have the technical Knowledge and Experience to find the solution quickly to whatever the issue is.  You don’t want there to be a sudden silence on a dance floor and a wedding party ruined because the inexperience DJ from next door cannot solve whatever the technical issue is

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