4 Reasons why a Photo booth is Ideal for your Wedding Day


It’s becoming more common now to try to entertain your guests during the time between the wedding and the meal and the meal and the Music and all through the wedding.  A photobooth is the perfect solution.  You can have a traditional or Vintage style booth, some come with fun background graphics like the date, your names, hashtag or a message.  The Selfie mirror is another fun option.  Steviedee Entertainments, Wedding DJ, hopes to have one as part of their Package very soon.

2. It is popular with all ages

Young and old alike love to step into the photobooth or stand infront of a selfie mirror and take a fun photo.  It will keep the kids entertained for hours.

  1. It is perfect for keeping Guests entertained

Photobooths have to be one of the most popular trends at the moment.  Its becoming quite a trend these day to entertain your guests and what better way than some fun photos with props and background graphics.  Guests flock to them.  They love capturing a few memories of the night with family and friends.

3. The memories

Memories are something you can cherish forever and the photobooth is one way of capturing those special memories on your wedding day.  Most photobooths can give you a copy of all the photobooth fun of your special day.  You can even make these photos into an unofficial wedding album.  Something you will have for years to come.

4. It makes a great alternative guest album

You can get your guests to take a photo, stick it into an album and write a personalised message underneath.  Another great way to capture special moments and great memories of your special day.


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