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Backstage at the Late Late for Thin Lizzy
Saturday, 12 March 2011 00:00

I had the opportunity last night 11th of March 2011 to be back stage at the filming of the Late Late  show. The guests on the show include Phil Lynott’s mother Philomena, Brush Shields, Joe Elliot and Thin lizzy to mention but a few. It’s the 30th anniversary of Phil Lynott’s death.

In the Stephen Green Shopping Centre, Dublin they have a collection of all Phil Lynott’s memorabilia on display. I had the chance to be back stage with all

them, I meet the special Olympics panel of medal winners, Keith Woods, Phil Lynotts mum and his band along with Joe Elliot from Def Leppard, and Brush Shields.

I was chatting back stage with Brush while Thin Lizzy were playing and said to brush would you not love to be playing with boys in the band as they were playing, he said “no they are playing the song too slow.” He is a great character Brush Shields, he could tell stories for all day and all night. Let’s face it he has been on the circuit for a long time. He told the story on the Late Late show of sacking Phil lynott from the band he had formed. Phil Lynott was his best man at the wedding. They went to the UK on honeymoon after Brush got married, Phil tagged along as his mum owned a hotel in Manchester. Brush got a gig in the hotel playing twice a day and Phil lynott ended up dancing with Brush’s wife.

Ryan Tubridy extremely nice person and extremely thin, he is thinner than a match stick. Great experience been back stage seeing how the TV show runs. The green room, the changing rooms, make up, production and the line up plus all the guests.

I enjoyed my trip to the late late show, enjoyed meeting the stars only wonder when will it be my turn.

Readers in Ireland can watch the performance on the Late Late using the RTE Player. The good stuff starts about 19 minutes in.




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